Sunday, February 1, 2015

correction to a prior post

my post should have read: "once life should not have to be a constant fight"

favorite quote TV show bringing up bates

"yes will make the announcement will be having our babies at the same time and it's still hard!"

Thursday, January 29, 2015

People's choice awards 2015 full show

90 Day Fiance | Season 2 Episode 2 | I'm Home America

Cracker Barrel

I ate the whole thing! I'm eating very little this these days but I enjoy photographing food

Boy did I luck out

I'm shopping for second hand sheet music so that I can perform vocally for some folks and within 5 minutes of seeking sheet music I found this book that I used to own and this was the most prominent book that I used back when I used to play the piano, so for me to find the same exact book within 5 minutes of shopping was really awesome

1975 love child

Once a love child always a love child