Wednesday, October 29, 2014

an American winter

about a year ago I told you about HBO documentary film an American winter. Well I finally got to watch it it's free you can watch the entire thing just go to and click on an American winter make sure that you click on the one that you can watch the entire hour and a half movie

there's a new neurologist in town

 AAwent and saw the new neurologist in town today. Things we discussed are my daily migraines and my severe peripheral neuropathy. He's putting me on a preventitive for the headaches, and he's giving me a higher dose of the neurontin for the nerve pain. He said that the narcotics maybe triggering my headaches. We're going to do a nerve conduction study to determine why I have nerve damage. I told him that it could be the starvation and or the Lyme disease. He surprised me by saying that even though I have survived starvation, most likely my body has already made a full recovery from that. The nerve conduction study should also determine whether or not I am going to end up in a wheelchair or not. Perhaps it will give me more clarity about the neuropathy As I am NOT diabetic.

my apologies about the typos

I've only had my samsung s4 Galaxy Note smartphone for 10 days. In looking back I see that I made the number of typos while blogging. Please bear with me I'm voice blogging and the recorder doesn't always type exactly what I say. I don't know how to correct typos with my voice. But I will try to be more attentive and make less voice blog typos. Keep coming back!

well I thought it was a healthy city

bsignificantly noisierut if mountain town is such a healthy city then why is it that within 60 seconds of my leaving the house I hear men hacking that deep disgusting smokers hack. Even in my apartment I frequently have to close the windows because of the man downstairs and his friends smoker's hack. I went to Best Buy yesterday and the guy who helped me hacked and hacked and hacked for 30 minutes. What am I going to say find me someone that can help me who doesn't hack its really disgusting to leave the house at all.ironically all the public libraries here Rsignificantly noisier then the local ER. Within 5 minutes of going into the public libraries you hear that high pitch squeal that babies and toddlers make will you already know I can't even concentrate on the smallest of tasks at the local library. I only know one other person who's in HSP like me highly sensitive person. She wears Bose protectors on her ears, because sounds that don't even faze other people are probably painful to her ears I know that's true for me regular sounds are very painful for my ears. It makes it tempting to not go out but he's in my complex and the building can be very very noisy and that forces me to go out.

Monday, October 27, 2014

one woman living with fibro myalgia

go to yo.utube and after you put in
The /fibro hell Michelle. Her account on living with Fibromyalgia is highly accurate so when you add in multiple other diseases like what I have you get a fraction of an idea of what daily life is like. I've only been out for two and a half hours in the last 4 days at least twice a week after dark I go to a grocery store or a Walmart and I walk the aisles for exercise. People who don't know better I would think that that's not enough exercise but that's about the recommended exercise for people with fibromyalgia just getting out of bed and moving at all is a positive thing.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

the LempMansion

it disgusts methat the Lemp family Mansion has been turned into a haunted house. In an approximate period of 35 years in the early 1900 s 4members of the lEmp family committed suicide. This has been taken advantage of and the Lemp family home has been turned into a haunted house. It disgusts me because not a single one of us know when tragedy could be set our own family. It's extremely short sighted to take advantage of what to say I only went through so I am NOT a supporter of this haunted house and I'm sure pretty sure that there's probably a lot of controversy about this. I will certainly not be there on Halloween.

Billy Bob Thornton Billy Bob Thornton actually there should be a space after master class so make sure you put a space there because the link is flash masterclass. Billy Bob Thornton's early life had a lot of similarities to my own he truly did pull himself up by his bootstraps and its funny he just told Oprah that his father only like them until the time that he learned how to talk. About an hour earlier today I emailed my friend Steve and told him that that my own father Arnold only liked me until the time that I could talk!check out this episode I think you'll really enjoy it.