Saturday, October 25, 2014

slept like a baby last night

you know I've gone most of my life with a sleep disorder I went all the way through college sleeping no more than two hours tonight the sleep disorder began when I was 12 my parents lost their house and we moved into an apartment and the noise pollution was so excessive that I basically just stop sleeping I would lay there throughout the night unable to sleep quote mother unquote said that it doesn't matter whether or not I sleep as long as I just lay there. But last night I slept nearly 14 hours it makes such a tremendous difference to your mental and physical health and the hell you get through the day so I'm not sure exactly what I'll do today but I know that all function better than I do on the days where I get much less sleep, choppy sleep. In the apartment building where I live there is a lot of banging from probably from the neighbors downstairs as well as the next door neighbor and if the banging happens in a in the middle of the night then my sleep is chopped up and this definitely affects my mood the next day ok well I'll ttyl

commercials I love

Toyota. Com / Camry oh this is a wonderful commercial the scene of Mardi Gras oh I can so see myself there reminds me that I need to go

mysteries at the museum the Annabelle doll

so as you can see from my last post if I'm not careful there will be quite a number of typos and I do not yet know how to correct them with my voice. So I'm watching mysteries at the museum how can you not be a believer regarding this Annabelle doll or any of the other amazing things that they show on here and when they talk about curses I I can't help but wonder if one of my relatives put me under a curse but yeah I definitely believe that spirit can live in these items as I told you in the last 10 years I've lived in menti many haunted environments I've never seen any visual apparitions but I have seen things moving I had a real cold spot in my kitchen in the summer time there was no air conditioning and it was really hot there was a spot on the kitchen floor where he put his paper down and we just dance even know there was no kind of breeze or anything like that that place nearly burned down while I was in it but I did get out in time that was then 03 in Indiana ok so any comments about mysteries at the museum this is really educational and really amazing and I wish I could attach the YouTube mysteries at the museumvideo but I do not yet know how to do that

Friday, October 24, 2014

things have been absolutely crazy with my health

my nerve pain has been so severe that I haven't even been able to function its just like been the worst thing in the world and you know I don't want to look up the emergency rooms with things that regular doctor should be able to handle so I went to the Urgent Care place and I can't believe I've had to wait years to finally get the right medication and years and years and years and they put me on Anton gabapentin and it's more than half of my pain I mean I can't believe it it makes you a little bit like a zombie a little bit a little more out of it but this is the lowest pain level that I've had in years and it's only my first day on the wrong button so this is certainly hopeful maybe I can go back to work part time

hey guys I have great news

I just bought the Samsung for Galaxy Notes4 and it's only $10 more per month than my other phone this means like its a blog every day right now I'm at Best Buy with the clerk who is teaching me about all the features but I absolutely love this phone and I'll talk to you soon

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Healing Neen

I think I recognize johns Hopkins university and also of course one world restaurant that was my favorite Baltimore restaurant.  on opening night Margie and I performed at one wrld restaurant.  so I just met tonier and she is an absolutely amazing human being with a wicked sense of humor!

"southwest prescribed burns"

I went to Sonic restaurant for the 2nd time (not big on fast food) and they serve you on roller skates.  Poor girl had to pull her shirt up over her mouth.  I could really relate.  In just an hour or so, mountain town is thick with smoke and its tough to breathe. 

The way you manage forest fires is with proscribed burns, so they advise folks like me with asthma to stay in the air conditioning.  AC? when it gets down to freezing at night!?