Wednesday, November 26, 2014

$12.00? I thought you said seven dollars!

yes I did say seven dollars and then right as I was finishing up want my 1 dollar cheeseburger the lady who was traveling with her family came over to me quietly put $5 in my hand and said Happy Thanksgiving!

part 2 parentheses Google keeps shutting down on me in the middle of mpost

so anyhow with ice and snow and rain in monsoon how on earth do these people even survive with no tent let alone in these temperatures.

The man said that he'll just wrapped himself in plastic. His alcohol is so important to him I'm quite certain that this is why he will not go to the shelter.

make 7 dollars last for 5 days

so there isn't a lot of food in the house and I haven't had the wherewithal to go to the welfare office nor have I had the wherewithal to find the places that will give you a food box once every two months.

So today I had the challenge of making sure that my $7 last 45 days. Of course that is supposed to say for not four. So I bought two strawberry milk each with a dollar I went to the dollar store and I bought a box of raisins for $1 they didn't have any butter but they had sort of a butter margarine mix which funny I have not done for like maybe 30 years but that'll hold me over so I bought that and then I went to Wendys and I asked the clerk if they have a dollar menu?

She said yes we do I said well I don't see it could you point to it so she points and I said that is not a dollar menu. A man comes up behind her and says we don't have a dollar menu but I was able to find a cheeseburger for a dollar 12.

I was chatting with a family who is traveling for the holidays and who is originally from New Mexico we were complaining about how dirty the restaurant is and I told them that I only come to these places when I have just a dollar that I need to spend.

A man walks in he has a hard hat attached to his backpack tonight is supposed to be 25 degrees Fahrenheit I asked him if he work today and he said no he said he's looking for work. He was three tables away and I could smell the alcohol in his breath oh that's a big surprise cuz he is Native American Indian. Sadly he said that he's homeless and I said are you staying in the shelter he said no he's staying in the woods and I said well why won't you stay in the shelter you can freeze to death with these temperatures. He said no all you have to do is have faith and then you won't freeze to death and I said any human being can freeze to death in these temperatures. He said he was just looking for something to eat and I said well I don't have any money to give you why don't you at least get yourself a cup of water because we are after all at the Wendys and he said because I don't have a container to put the water in. I said will they have free cups here he said I don't need any water.

I said so how long have you been living in a tent he said I never told you I live in the tent! Since I've been living in the South West even though I'm in a very very cold region it's amazing to me there are reams of men homeless men who stay in the woods and don't even own a tent especially when we

unwrapping the enigmatic

if you go to Google and enter my name and then put the word Baltimore I was surprised that the very second thing that pops up is the article about my father's 5 restaurants and bars. This is the 4th time I've read the article every time I read it I see something that I didn't see before it reminded me that the five pizza places mentioned we're all owned by my father. The one on Liberty Road was named Elena's pizza shop but spelled Elana. The article doesn't mention that they probably didn't even know it.

Free as abusive as my father was my adoptive father was I reckon he must have loved me at least when I was a baby or at least like me a little bit :-) to name his pizza place after me. By the time I was about 10 he lost pretty much all the businesses and then we lost our house.

For my new readers I hope you enjoy the article it is listed under the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore again just google my name and then put the word Baltimore.

The other thing that I want to say is quote you can't believe everything you read on quote. Because there are other links that come up with my name and my middle initial and I have nothing to do with having joined those organizations I've never had anything to do with some of these links

There is another Elena Snyder she's very young she spells her name the same way that I do and I assumed that the link has something to do with me but when I looked at it more closely synchronistic Lea she has set up an 8 track tape so cold listing of the music that she likes however when I try to find the music that she likes I couldn't find it.

Again I'm sorry about the typos I am NOT actually typing I am doing text to talk I'm sorry talk to text I think its called Google talk to text or something like that so they do make a lot of typos.

I was also stunned that the article about the weekend that I spent at the Heathcote intentional community is still up on the web so its been up there now for about 14 years which is a pretty long time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

looking back at December the 10th 2007 / violence in Baltimore

 my letter to the editors of the Baltimore City Paper as well as the Baltimore Sun this is just a fragment of what my day to day life is like:

Here's what I heard on the news today ,a female named Miss Krieger was beatEnand nearly kill on the number 27 bus!

 kids were jumping in front of the seats telling her the seats are reserved.this sure does sound like a hate crime .

I'm thinking Kriegers got to be white but Baltimore will never admit to having an insipid and deeply entrenched problem with black on white racism

The next day on the news they stated that the beating is being investigated as a possible hate crime and I felt some relief. Dixon and Wiedenfelds comments to the public that the buses and public transit iare perfectlysafe is a blatant lie!  I would bet a great deal of money that neither one of them use public transit!

I've been writing about my terrifying, ongoing experiences at transit stops and on Baltimore strains and buses for 12 years. The Mass Transit Administration system has always been terrifying for me largelybecause I am a minority white female. And for the record so many college students complained about feeling unsafe with Baltimore public transit that something called the college town shuttle needed to be created .

it is a private system of buses and vans that now take only college students around Baltimore and between colleges.

I repeat the MTA is particularly dangerous for minority whites!

If you have the financial means you better drive your car sincerely Elena SNyder

Sunday, November 23, 2014

treated like a liar is that the Maryland Way?

this is about the Donnas in any caseher husband Keith Longton was imprisoned for 8 months wrongly for her murder. This is so wrong this is the way I was treated by Maryland police as well when I try to explain the crimes that I was a victim of I was treated as if I were as stupid female liar that didn't deserve s*** I was just treated like a dog and so was Keith Longton.

I don't understand how our criminal justice system is allowed to arrest someone for first degree murder without adequate evidence he claims he didn't do it from day one. In the eight months that he was in prison he lost his home and his cars in his career. Is Maryland going to compensate him for his losses? I seriously doubt it I know I incurred ten to twenty thousand dollars in losses from the crimes that occurred in Maryland and I was never compensated.

Our criminal justice system is despicable and it is so frightening when you realize how innocent people get put away all the time, this is one of the many things that completely disgust me about the society

To see the Dona Zane TTI and Keith Longton case go to Investigation Discovery. Com

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

do I have cancer?

so I was told that the next step in finding out whether or not I have cancer is to have the biopsy of both breasts however my friend Margie pointed out to me that there are sometimes serious side effects and who having a biopsy. Given how low my quality of life already is and give him that I love my breasts exactly the way they are I have decided that I am going to forgo having two biopsies.

As it is I've been sick for almost 20 years since seriously so with no health aide and no support virtually no support of any kind not even anyone that would go pick up a prescription for me if I was too sick to get it.

That being said about the lack of support why risk getting even sicker with no support? I don't know how many weeks or months it'll be where I will be symptom-free if I do indeed have cancer but you can imagine as someone who is made six suicide attempts already well... I will keep you informed