Saturday, July 26, 2014

'The Singing Doctor' Croons to Newborns in the Delivery Room

singing to the babies I nannyed for was always one of my fave parts of the job.  When I was working in the preschools we were always singing!  So, this story made me very happy!

What's Wrong with People? Part 2

this really resonated with me.  In 7th grade I was real good friends with Angela* who lived below me in the apts.  One day not only did she stop talking to me, she told all the kids in my building to stay away from me.  This went on for 2 years.  She had a gang of girls that would follow me home.  When I was home, Angela* would bang the broom on her ceiling for hours, especially when I played piano.  I was scared to go out, but I was also horrified to be home too.  Mother refused to move us away and the cops wouldn't do anything.  This was 1976

TV Commercial - Febreze Fabric Refresher - Angela's Cat - Nose Blind - B...

I first saw this wonderful commercial 3 weeks ago when a guy gave me a ride and his car smelled horrible!  Dogs? I said.  he said yup!  I opend up the window as quickly as I could.  Most animals owners homes stink also.  Just one more reason to not go into a home with a dog or a cat.  that leaves out pretty much everybody doesn't it?


Our society cares more about protecting animals then it does about protecting humans.

American Greed Special Mob Money Murders and Acquisi

Arizona inmate Joseph Wood dies 2 hours after execution began

despite his crime I'm glad this issue will bring the conversation of death penalty to the forefront again, as I recently told you that i'm against it

Mr Lid As Seen On TV

mother was a Tupperware lady so we had tons of those containers with lost lids